Manufacturing priorities in Michigan for 2013

Like many manufacturers in Michigan, most have two major priorities in 2013:

1)     Increase sales to grow the business.

2)     Become more efficient to reduce the costs.

This year, as they focus on these key issues, there are many ways to accomplish these objectives, including: conducting projects to generate more leads and diversifying markets or implementing new initiatives to become more lean.

When  operational changes are made to either become more efficient or to grow, it’s just as important that the team understands and embraces the importance of the changes. 

It’s also critical that employees have buy-in from the beginning of your planned improvements. Manufacturers sometimes overlook this step because they don’t want to interrupt productivity. 
Workforce engagement is defined as the level of discretionary commitment and effort employees exhibit at work. It gets beyond satisfaction and straight to the heart of motivation.   

Employee buy-in isn’t just about improving employment engagement – it’s about ensuring sustainability and replication of improvement projects. For more information visit
The Huron Township LDFA wants to help manufacturers in their district and those wishing to move into the available properties within the community. Contact us if we may be of assistance 

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