Manufacturing is Thriving in Michigan

Michigan Manufacturing Business in Huron Township

Michigan Manufacturing Business in Huron Township

Michigan manufacturing has always attracted a number of automotive related firms but “Manufacturing” actually describes many different sub categories of the Michigan economy including, metals, machinery, chemical products, food & beverage, bioscience, plastics, rubber, furniture, computer & electronics, defense, etc.

A few key facts about manufacturing in the Michigan area is that according to the Department of Treasury, manufacturing employs over nine percent of the total U.S. workforce, yet is responsible for sixty percent of exports.

Over half of manufacturing’s current workforce will be preparing for retirement in the next ten years, so this industry needs to attract new talent and develop an interest for manufacturing with the next generation of workers.

Women, a growing area in the manufacturing workforce, represent approximately twenty five percent of manufacturers in Michigan.

The average weekly wage in manufacturing is just over thirty six percent higher than the average wage of all industries,

The  multiplier effect, which is the impact an industry has on people and businesses outside the industry, is the largest in the nation. For every one dollar spent in manufacturing, $1.37 in additional economic activity is generated.

Every one hundred jobs in a manufacturing facility creates two hundred and fifty additional jobs in other sectors.

With these facts in mind, Huron Township, Michigan is home to over 1800 manufacturing jobs in its Local development Finance Authority district alone.  So with those figures in mind the Huron Township could be said to have produced an addition 2700 jobs in other sectors.  For more information about the manufacturing opportunities for business in Huron Township contact R.P. Lilly at 734-753-4466 ex. 115.

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