Manufacturing In Michigan with the Help of Michigan Manufacturing Association

Founded in 1902, the MMA advocates on behalf of the state’s industrial community to build a business climate that cultivates growth, technology and prosperity. MMA’s focus on advocacy, education and networking help Michigan manufacturers to foster positive in-state relationships while successfully compete in the national and international marketplace.
Producing 21 percent of global manufactured products, the United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy. 

The second largest manufacturing economy: Japan at 13 percent, followed by China at 12 percent.
U.S. manufacturers are the most productive in the world, producing twice as much as workers in the next 10 leading manufacturing economies.
U.S. manufacturing accounts for 11.2 percent of the United States gross domestic product.
Michigan manufacturing employs 498,000 and makes up 12.7 percent of non-farm employment.
Manufacturers average an annual salary of $76,124. This salary is $24,719 more than the average salary for the rest of the work force.
Manufacturing contributes 68 million, or almost 21 percent, to the state gross domestic product (June 2, 2009). This a 7 million dollar increase over 2008 statistic
During the economic downturn, Michigan manufacturing was one of the hardest hit sectors. Today, things are on the up-tick for manufacturing and for Michigan. From Spring 2010, Michigan has grown 12.5 percent, outpacing the national growth of 7.1 percent. Michigan posted the fifth highest percentage job gain year-over-year margin of any state.
In January 2011, the Michigan manufacturing sector employed 498,000, comprising 12.7 percent of total non-farm employment in the state. Manufacturing jobs increased by 6.3 percent from March 2010 to March 2011, more than double the growth seen in any other sector. During this time employment grew by 75,700 jobs; 30,000 of these jobs were in the manufacturing sector.
Job growth in the manufacturing industry is expected to continue. The House Fiscal Agency anticipates continued growth with an expected 42,000 new jobs created in 2012. It’s not just jobs that are increasing, but hours, wages and output as well. In Huron Township over 1200 new manufacturing jobs were created from 2011-2013. 
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