Huron Township, MI LDFA: Trustee says there is no “I” in Team.

Todd A Drysdale, trustee for the Local Development Finance Authority, believes there is no “I” in team and the LDFA is a team dedicated to the best for the community of Huron Township. The group is comprised of volunteers who truly want to improve the quality of life in the township.

“Although my experience has been limited, clearly the LDFA has been successful in attracting businesses to the district which builds the tax base and creates employment opportunities.” Said Drysdale. “The byproduct of these efforts should be seen in housing and commercial business opportunities in the township.”

As always, the LDFA trustees should be responsible stewards of taxpayer funds and should strive to implement the strategic direction adopted by the elected officials of the township as evidenced by the Master Plan and other formal planning efforts.

The LDFA has numerous members and the scope of work is relatively diverse.  Having financial, legal, government, and development experience is helpful but simply having the genuine interest of the township as residents also brings an important element to the work being performed.

The attraction of new business and the associated tax base and employment opportunities, when done correctly, should allow the Township to increase service levels to the citizens as well as foster a climate that helps both residential real estate and commercial business opportunities that should be in demand as a result of the population of employees spending their time within the Township at these new private sector employers.

When asked why Drysdale joined the LDFA trustee group he said, “ Simply, there comes a time when every resident should volunteer and attempt to make the Township a better place to live, work, and play.  My experience and background appeared to be a good fit for the type of deliberations and decisions required by the LDFA.”


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