LDFA Announces a New Good Neighbor.

The LDFA commission in Huron Township was quite excited that Brose would soon be occupying a site that Chrysler had vacated a while back. Approximately 20,000 employees work for Brose at 53 locations in 23 countries on all major automotive markets worldwide. About 450 employees will be part of the new Huron Township location.  The group is arranging to meet with their management and hopes to take steps to assist through the process of moving to the neighborhood. The LDFA and Huron Township officials knew the corporation had a great reputation since 1908, and just wanted to share some facts about the newest corporate community member.
Did you know?
  • ·         That Brose is a top 500 employer in all of Europe
  • ·         They were award the Best Manufacturer in North America in 2008
  • ·         They continue to rank #1 in apprentice programs
  • ·         They donate to countless charities including Children’s Villages which house hundreds of orphans.
  • ·         They continue to rank for #1 family friendly company to work for in Germany.
More detailed news releases are available at http://www.brose.com/ww/en/pub/company.htm.
These are the types of businesses the LDFA in Huron Township is proud to attract to the beautiful Township of Huron, Michigan. Additional properties are available in the LDFA area www.hurontwpldfa.comor call 734-753-4466 ex. 115

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