Inergy Construction Structural Building Phase

A ground breaking was held on July 21 for Inergy Automotive Systems, a division of Compagnie Plastic Omnium, who have invested in a new facility in Huron Township that will bring 240 jobs to the area. “The structural building is proceeding well, despite the abnormal fall rains,” said Terry Shelswell, Global Business Processes Director and Project Manager. “With the manpower of 100-200 union contractors from Ohio and Michigan,we already have much of the main structure built, building pad and foundation placed and a major portion of the roof installed.”

One of the projects that needed to be completed before construction started was the relocation of the Gorman Drain on the property. “Working with Wayne County, the LDFA, the EPA, the MI DEQ and other agencies to redirect the Gorman Drain was a learning experience.” Shelswell indicated, “The LDFA allowed us to re-locate part of the drain on their property and the other portion was re-directed around our facility.” So far the group has completed the water and sanitary sewer system and storm water piping and containment system. On-going work includes the steel building framework being erected, a ring road around the property for delivery trucks and fire department access, early work by ITC/DTE Energy leading to the installation of the power lines that will feed an on-site substation and the construction of that substation.

Inergy is expected to make 1.3 – 1.4 million fuel systems a year in the new facility. Currently, the parts are made at a plant in Milan. The facility has been designed with the ability for expansion if needed in future years.

“There are many opportunities within this LDFA district,” said Huron Township LDFA Chairman, R.P. Lilly. “A light manufacturer supplier or components operation would make a suitable neighbor for Inergy and they could move in quickly at nearby plant that is up for sale.” The LDFA helps companies through many aspects of new development processes.

Inergy Automotive Systems has a production base in North America, including plants in Adrian Michigan, Anderson South Carolina and Ramos Mexico. The company primarily supplies Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan and Chrysler.

They plan to ship their first product in April of 2012, but weather will be a driving factor. “Our people can handle the cold, but the wind and rain is what can halt our construction progress,” stated Vice President of Human Resources, Sandra MacDonald. The company is emphatic about safety and the safety of its crew is number one on this busy construction site. The LDFA plans to continue to bring interesting updates about this construction project on a monthly basis until the project is complete next spring. More information about the Huron Township LDFA can be found at

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