Huron Twp. LDFA: Nominates SET CEO for MMA

For the past two years, the Local Development Finance Authority of Huron Township, MI. has nominated one of its outstanding manufacturing firms located within its LDFA 1 or LDFA 2 districts. This year the group has chosen to honor Mr. Victor Edozien, Chairman, CEO & President of SET Enterprises , Inc. for the John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year 2016:


SET Enterprises, Inc.

SET Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Victor Edozien, Chairman, CEO & President of SET Enterprises, Inc. is committed to supporting the communities in which he resides and works.  Mr. Edozien, a successful businessman believes that an entrepreneur must make the most out of every situation. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community involvement is a core value tenet for our company and equally important as we see our commitment to customers. All of their manufacturing facilities are required to be active participants and build relationships in their neighborhoods and communities. His corporate values pillars (what they live by daily) include community, respect and diversity.

Corporate Social Responsiblity is very personal to him; while it is not just the right thing to do but it is good business. However, he believes deeply that he has benefited tremendously from the kindness and goodwill of strangers and has been given second chances in his business pursuits. He believes he has an obligation and a calling to give back in every which way he can. He has been blessed with certain unique skills: entrepreneurial insights, business judgment and instincts. So he leverages these skills to create value for all stakeholders – the most important stakeholders for him are the employees, associates and community. His best investments have been investments that serve a purpose above and beyond personal and corporate wealth creation but those focused on creating long lasting value for employees and community – our key stakeholders. His entrepreneurial spirit is built on his faith, work ethic, high level of optimism and a passion for excellence.

He acquired his first plant in December 2004 and it was a plant which was dying and jobs shipped overseas to Mexico with only 19 employees from a high of 100. He builds businesses that are focused on creating long lasting value for employees and the community has been sacrosanct. This focus drives a very different set of innovative approaches to value creating. Instead of focusing on being the lowest cost company (which means moving to low cost countries), he seeks ways to leverage technology and unique strategic insights to build USA based competitive businesses. This is evident in the investments he has made at the New Boston, MI plant for laser blanking technology and expanding our metal processing capabilities beyond steel to include aluminum and material composites like Quiet Steel.

Mr. Edozien currently serves on the board of directors for Athletes Unlimited and Real Life 101 Scholarship Fund.  Athletes Unlimited is a non-profit organization that provides recreational activities to disabled children and adults.  Real Life 101 Scholarship is a non-profit organization that provides scholarship and mentorship resources to at-risk African American males entering college.   In the future he would like to be involved in advocacy on entrepreneurial friendly policies.

Victor Edozien is also is the Founder/Managing Principal of The Asaba Group, Inc. – a strategy consulting/private equity holding company ( and is a veteran of the U.S. Army, 10th Mountain Infantry Division. Victor holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, BA Geology with Mathematics, MS in Engineering, and a MBA in Finance & Operations Management.

The LDFA board chose Mr. Edozien for the professional and core values that his group represents at SET Enterprises. The LDFA believes that the recent investment in the LDFA1 district with the expansion of the current SET facility will lead to additional employment and growth within the Township. The LDFA has found the SET team to be proactive corporate citizens as well as a pleasure to work with on growth in the district.

As stated on their web site,SET believes in:

Customer Focus  – We must be relentless in our pursuit to meet and exceed customer expectations

Respect  – We must have respect for one another in our interactions

Passion  – We must have a passion for excellence

Ethics  – Doing the right things and uncompromising with our ethics

Innovative  – Constant drive to be innovative and solutions driven with how we service our customers and how we deal with our daily challenges

Diversity  – We must continuously seek and value our diversity

Community Involvement  – We must be philanthropically active and good citizens in the communities we work in.





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