Huron Township Rotarian’s Turn Into Goodfellow’s

The Huron Township Rotary Club service group will  turn into the Huron Goodfellows on Nov. 30.
On that date, they will take to street corners selling Goodfellows newspapers.
The newspaper sale is a traditional activity for the Goodfellows enacted by the Rotary members. Proceeds from the sales go toward helping families in need during the Christmas holiday.
Information about the Goodfellows and other projects involving the Rotary Club are among the featured stories.The papers are custom printed with photos and articles about the events around the township.
The organization strives to make sure there is “no child without a Christmas” in the community and the group also has been known to reach into other communities with help as special needs have arisen.
Last year, the Huron Township Goodfellows provided Christmas cheer to nearly 200 families.
Each family received age-appropriate toys for the children in the household, as well as a food basket customized to their family size and circumstances.
Members say they strive to be a “Goodfellow” all year, as it is also a strong attribute of their Rotarian Motto.  

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