Huron Township Planning Commission

In Huron Township, the Nine Member Planning Commissionsprimary function is to make or adopt a comprehensive plan (Master Plan) and to conduct public hearings reviewing rezoning requests, which the Commission recommends to the Township Board. This Commission reviews and/or approves new development, deals with issues related to managing and guiding growth and recognizes the implications of development in terms of potential costs and benefits to the community. Get your building permit here!
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The Local Development Finance Authority district was established by the Huron Township Board after careful study by the Township Board, staff, and consulting engineers based upon the belief that any successful efforts of Huron Charter Township to revitalize its economic base will rely heavily on the willingness, capability and timeliness of its municipal structure to encourage, initiate, propose and participate in the development of new and renovated public and private uses, and projects that will bring about physical improvement, retain or create jobs, retain businesses, attract new businesses and increase the Township’s tax basis.

The LDFA’s mission is to provide for those public improvements necessary or desirable to facilitate, promote and sustain industrial development within the established district of the Local Development Finance Authority of Huron Township. More information can be found at

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