Huron Township, MI: Water is a great resource for manufacturing firms

Water is an abundant resource in Michigan. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, companies producing a water based product thrive in the Michigan region.  

Nestle’s Ice Mountain facility is the largest water bottler in Michigan.Michigan has 44 licensed water bottlers, but only three pumped more than 1 million gallons of water in 2006.

Pepsi and Coke buy water from the city of Detroit, purify it and sell it as Aquafina and Dasani. Because those companies purchase water from a municipal water supply, they are not required to report the volume of water used.

Michigan’s second-largest water bottler, Absopure, bottled 54 million gallons of groundwater. The only other firm that bottled more than 1 million gallons of Michigan water last year was Shay, which bottled 1.1 million gallons.

A bottled water company is partnering with Michigan’s tourism campaign to showcase some of the state’s natural beauty on its packaging, officials said.

24- and 35-bottle packs of Absopure Water Corp.’s Natural Spring Water sold in the Midwest will carry packaging co-branded with “Pure Michigan.” In the coming months, other Absopure products nationally will be packaged with “Pure Michigan” imagery.

Plymouth-based Absopure and the tourism campaign also will release co-sponsored billboards, as well as radio and TV ads.

Travel Michigan, which is part of the Michigan Economic Development Corp., this week also launched the 2014 “Pure Michigan” advertising campaign on national cable and network television.

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