Huron Township, MI. LDFA Looking for Firetruck Sponsors

The Huron Township Fire Department is responsible for the protection of life and property from the ravages of fire. The Fire Department’s objective is to deliver the highest level of emergency response with the greatest margin of safety for firefighters and citizens in the most fiscally responsible way. Currently the Huron Township Fire Department consists of 35 dedicated men and women who serve the community, providing fire and emergency medical services (EMS) 24/7.

The fire apparatus and equipment is housed in three fire stations strategically located throughout the 36 square mile community. Fire station 1 is located in New Boston on Sterling Street, Station 2 in Waltz on Mineral Springs and Station 3 at Middlebelt and Sibley.

At this time the Huron Township Fire Department is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide Basic Life Support (BLS), Limited Advanced Life Support (LALS) or Specialist, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. In addition, all fire department personnel are CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) trained and certified to use semi-automatic heart defibrillators that can shock a heart back into a normal heart rate. Patients in need of additional care are transported by ambulance to local hospitals.

Fire Department personnel are certified by the State of Michigan Firefighters Training Council, at a minimum, Firefighter I, with most personnel certified to the Firefighter II level.

The Fire Department is involved in the enforcement of National, State, County and local laws, codes and ordinances that relate to fire protection. In addition, the fire department reviews commercial/industrial buildings and multiple dwelling plans to assure that the building is code compliant. The fire department provides an aggressive fire prevention program within the schools in the community.

The Huron Township Fire Department has recently become a combination department by the hiring of six full-time firefighters that supplemented with paid-call personnel. As the community grows, emergency responses will increase placing additional time requirements on our paid-call firefighters.

Fundraising efforts are being planned to attain a new fire truck which is needed for the growing residential and commercial manufacturing sites within the township. Contact RP Lilly, 734-753-4320 ex. 15, Huron Township LDFA Chairman at for more information on how to get involved.  

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