Huron Township LDFA nominates Inergy’s Terry Shelswell for MMA Award

Terry Shelswell and the Inergy team have done an outstanding job using their resources and the resources of the township to build a beautiful new facility at 36000 Burelle Ave., (previously International Drive), Huron Township. The grand opening took place October 15 2013.

Ford Motor Co. sold its plant in Milan to Inergy’s parent company, Plastic Omnium Automotive Systems, in 2011.  Inergy is a French automotive supplier. Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy has a production base in North America, including plants in Adrian Michigan, Anderson South Carolina, Pueblo Mexico, North America and Ramos Mexico.  The company primarily supplies Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan and Chrysler.
 Over the past two years, about 300 employees have relocated to the Huron Township facility. Inergy makes fuel and emission control systems. One in every five light vehicles produced in the world is equipped by Inergy.
“The most exciting thing about this move for our firm is that our employees are very energized with the updated processes and the flow in our new plant and with the processes Terry Shelswell has put into place.” said Randy Johnston, manager at Inergy Automotive Systems.  This brand new fuel system manufacturing property has all the latest in automotive technology as well as being aesthetically pleasing in a worker friendly environment.
Their employees have embraced the community as well, “Recently a group of team members and managers painted the Huron Township historical museum and also erected a Flag Pole for the historical school house,” said office manager Judy Parish. “Our team loves to work for the good of all and the flag pole will be our symbol of commitment and tribute to Huron Township.”

“This company hadn’t even officially opened and they were already doing so much for their community, we  appreciate their efforts,” Said R.P. Lilly Huron Township LDFA Chairman. “We are so fortunate to have attracted such wonderful corporate neighbors and project leader like Terry Shelswell.”
The LDFA of Huron Township group nominated Terry Shelswell and Inergy manufacturing team for the 2014 MMA awards this week.

The Inergy plant is in the township’s Local Development Finance Authority, a site in which taxes generated by property value increases are “captured” in order to fund infrastructure improvements. These improvements, in turn, attract new businesses to the area. The LDFA is roughly bounded by I-275, South Huron Road, Bell Road and Willow Road. Their web site is

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