Huron Township is Looking For a Few Good Restaurateurs, please apply!

On Huron Township’s Wish List…

Even though there may not be a vast amount of rooftops, the day traffic here in Huron Township is sure to double in the next few months with the influx of new jobs to the area.   
The biggest question we get is, “Where can we grab lunch or take a client to dinner around here?” In Huron Township, we have a few bar and grilles as well as fast food joints but we would love to see some more family friendly restaurants move in and we can help!
We would invite especially those franchises or mom and pop start up who serve comfort food to come and see how easy it is to build your business in Huron Township.
If you have a great reputation for good food and service, we will keep you hopping and happy in Huron.
We would enjoy the opportunity to work with an Applebees, Bob Evans or an independent business to create additional dining experiences in our busy industrial side of town. 
Start with the LDFA, we’re a friendly group looking to help with business as well as being a frequent guest!

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