Components of Construction in an LDFA Area

There are many components that take place for a business to settle comfortably in a LDFA zone. It may include transportation planning, waterwaste studies, water distribution studies, mapping and storm water management to name a few. In Huron Township, MI. we often consider these items for example:
Transportation Planning/Engineering
Many factors are taken into consideration when planning an LDFA zone. This may include rehabilitation or construction of secondary and access roads.  Our engineers will review:
Rehabilitation Analysis
Roadway Alignments
Intersection Improvements
Bridge Crossings
Roadway Reconstruction
Wastewater Studies and Design
Wastewater System Planning specializes in studies and investigations of collection systems and key facilities, such as pump stations and evaluation of wet-weather detention basin operation and maintenance manuals.  Typically before a business moves in we look at the following:
Master Planning
Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) Analysis
Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES)
Collection System Computer Modeling/Flow Analysis
Special Studies
Asset Management
Rehabilitation Programs
Water Distribution Analysis
Often LDFA zone businesses need to re-evaluate their existing systems, and develop capital improvement programs to provide the highest quality of water distribution to those in Huron Township..  We typically work with engineers when businesses need:
Water Replacement Design
Water Distribution Modeling and Pressure Analysis
Booster Station Design
Surveying and Mapping
Municipal improvements and hydraulic analysis of drains are some of the survey and mapping that our LDFA has needed to consider.
Storm Water Management
Storm water management, as they relate to functionality of roadways and parking areas and maintaining high water quality within a watershed is very important.  Our township considers drainage design systems to enhance the operation of an existing structure or model the impact on the watershed of a proposed improvement.  Our typical review includes:
Stormwater Hydraulic Modeling
Storm Water Treatment
Pump Station Design
Drain Analysis
Storage Facilities
Culvert Design
FEMA Floodplain and Floodway Design

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