About Our Neighbor Brose, Did You Know?

Brose North America is a partner to the international automobile industry and deliver mechatronic systems and electric drives to about 80 automotive manufacturers and more than 30 suppliers. Approximately 21,000 employees work for Brose at 59 locations in 23 countries on all major automotive markets worldwide.
Their corporate group expects sales of 4.6 billion euros in fiscal 2013. Currently, Brose is the fourth-largest family-owned company among the top 100 automotive suppliers worldwide. One of their facilities resides in Huron Township, Michigan.

Their focus is on new products designed to cut fuel consumption,  helping to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, components and systems enable them to contribute toward making automobiles safer and more comfortable to use.
Their goal is to extend our development and quality leadership even further. The group intends to step up their worldwide activities, particularly in Asia, the headquarters resides in Germany.
They specialize in vehicle doors and liftgates, front and rear seat systems, electric drives, electronics, electric mobility. On behalf of the LDFA of Huron Township, we are glad to get to know you and that you chose our district in which to locate your business.

For more information visit the website http://www.brose.com

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