Detroit Intermodal Design

The importance and value of this region’s freight movements are monumental for the national economy in the Detroit area. Very few areas in the country can match the number and variety of assets of this region. Detroit’s history in manufacturing and logistics because of the automotive industry has given us access from the major international ports to the heart of manufacturing and production in the United States. Translinked was developed in 2007 with the help of the Detroit Regional Chamber with a focus to develop the Detroit area into a globally recognized northern border supply chain hub.

Some Assets include:
• Detroit Metropolitan Airport
• Michigan moves more commodities on its highways than any other state
• 1st and 3rd busiest border crossings in North America
• Four Class 1 railroads serve the Detroit region
• Nine Intermodal facilities housed in the region
• 70 percent of the freight in the Detroit region is handled by a well-connected highway system

The supply chain is and has been a core function of the auto industry. Automotive manufacturing requires a level of supply chain sophistication not currently utilized or engaged by other industries. Out of total employment in the automotive industry, manufacturing jobs account for approximately 5 percent and logistics account for approximately 11 percent. The advancement of the supply chain industry grew in Detroit and is now considered a key component to other industries’ success. The Detroit area is home to top industry talent and to over 20 higher education providers with supply chain education. This history alone can assist new business since the ground work is already laid and a plan is in place.

The Detroit Regional Chamber has been given a grant from the New Economy Initiative to develop a regional economic development program based on logistics and trade. The Chamber is committed to developing that program with the regional economic development agencies and melding the goals of its Translinked program and Wayne County’s Aerotropolis program. For more information visit the Detroit Chamber site.

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