Vantage Port is Detroit Region Aerotropolis Corporation

While Detroit Region Aerotropolis Corporation used to be known as the Vantage Port for a short period of time, they have re-branded back to Aerotropolis and continue partnering with state/local governments like Huron Township LDFA, to bring economic development to the Metro Detroit Area.

In 2013 they attributed successes with five new businesses in Romulus, two in Van Buren Township, one in Taylor, Huron Township and Ypsilanti for a total of 1700 new jobs.

1000 new jobs were created alone in the Huron Township LDFA1 (Local Development Finance Authority) district in the past 5 years and the Huron township LDFA2 district has recently opened with 3000 acres of marketable property along I-275 and Detroit Metro airport proximity.

Aerotropolis represents 60,000 acres of mixed use, development ready access parcels in the Metro Detroit area encompassing a dozen cities and township authorities. They market the region throughout the US and specialize in International representation at tradeshows, conferences and one on one meetings with interested corporations.

The word Aerotropolis first appeared in a 1939 edition of the magazine, ‘Popular Science’. The concept of an Aerotropolis was popularized by Dr. John D. Kasarda in the early 2000’s when he predicted that the areas close to airports will be able to have faster economic development than other regions. He observed that the fastest form of transportation tends to fuel the development of the surrounding city.

Having an airport does not make all of the other forms of travel obsolete. The other forms of travel already around the Aerotropolis region, such as major highways, railroads, or seaports are critical to its success.

An aerotropolis increases the quality of life by attracting jobs that are on the forefront of many important industries. Despite the clichéd use of phrases like “smart jobs” and “new economy”, an aerotropolis is where you see exactly these types of companies and employees. Why? Success in growing industries, from robotics to health care requires talent and speed-to-market. The Detroit region aerotropolis is the ideal place for both a corporate headquarters and a distribution center.

In Huron Township’s Local Development Finance Authority district, the LDFA1 has contributed eight hundred manufacturing jobs in the past year and LDFA2 is considered a smart zone as well which is hopeful to attract even more new business. The Local Development Finance Authority Huron Township, MI is a beacon for economic growth in the area. More information at

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