LDFA Success Leads to Growth of Huron Township Job Base.

Huron Township LDFA growth from a soy bean farm to over a 1,400 job base.

Even in a small township, sustainable and well paying jobs can be created with help from your local LDFA.

The Local Development Finance Authority district was established by the Huron Township Board after careful study by the Township Board, staff, and consulting engineers.

It was based upon the belief that any successful efforts of Huron Charter Township to revitalize its economic base will rely heavily on the willingness, capability and timeliness of its municipal structure to encourage, initiate, propose and participate in the development of new and renovated public and private uses.

The group was charged with efforts for projects that would bring about physical improvement, retain or create jobs, retain businesses, attract new businesses and increase the Township’s tax base.

The LDFA’s mission is to provide for those public improvements necessary or desirable to facilitate, promote and sustain industrial development within the established district of the Local Development Finance Authority of Huron Township.

Local Development Finance Authority districts are created to promote economic growth and job creation. “I think we have done just that,” Said LDFA Chairman RP Lilly. “I feel we can use the accomplishments and growth in our district as a model for any successful LDFA.”

Over the years, the group has had many questions regarding how taxes are obtained and used, the LDFA has compiled these questions and answers for your consideration:

Q- Does the LDFA capture taxes from the entire township?

A-   No, the LDFA 1 district area is very small compared to the entire township. The LDFA1 capture area represents only 1.9% of the total township area.

  • Huron Township Area 23,040 acres
  • LDFA1 area 449.4 acres

Q- Where does the money come from?

A-   The LDFA captures a very small amount from the following funds within the LDFA1 area from:

  • Fire Fund
  • Police Fund
  • Township General Fund
  • County & Other

Q-What is the money used for?

A-   Examples of the LDFA expenditures for the development of the Inergy Automotive Facility included:

  • Relocation of the Gohrman Drain
  • Detention Basin
  • Rail Spur
  • Gas Line
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Wetland Bank Property
  • Legal/Audit/ Planning
  • Water Main Loop (future project)
  • Electrical Sub-Station
  • Administration Fees

This facility development started with a large-scale soy-bean field and grew into a large multi-million dollar modern manufacturing facility. The LDFA played a very important role in the development and growth of this facility and ultimately the jobs created there.

Q-What do residents get for their return on investment?

A-   This is an approximate list of jobs that have been created within LDFA1 district.

  • Champion Foods-150
  • Inergy Automotive-300+
  • Brose- 450+ currently and 300+ after expansion, for a total of 750+
  • D. Forge- 50
  • SET Enterprises 75
  • Great Lakes Re-Cycling- 75+

                              Total- 1,400 jobs in Huron Township, MI.

A majority of these jobs are the result of (2) large international firms within the LDFA1 district. Huron Township residents can also expect no negative impact on any residential areas of the Township. Other communities experience excessive lights, noise, odors or congestion and as the LDFA districts are set away from residents, it works optimally. These approximately 1,400 jobs represent a very successful “track record” in growth for the Huron Township LDFA and they hope to have similar success within the LDFA2 Pinnacle Aeropark.

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